WAIF Finale

On 25 August 2018, the contestants of Why Am I Fat SG Season 2 put on a show that stirred strong emotions among the 500-strong crowd at Zouk Singapore.

Wowing the crowd with their improved improved physiques and confidence in active wear and sports wear over three catwalk segments, this finals night was the culmination of 3-months’ dedication and focus that they put in since May 2018 to change themselves.

Most of the contestants entered Why Am I Fat SG Season 2 in May 2018 in the hopes of losing weight – they had tried in the past for many years to lose weight, but met with little or no success. Coming on to the WAIF2 program, they successfully lost between 10kg to 15kg.

It was possible for contestants to stay focused on their weight loss goals, thanks to the hard work and efforts of the organisers who worked tireless behind-the-scenes: the organising team secured only the best trainers, gyms & fitness venues to provide the most effective, targeted weight-loss-through-fitness solutions for each contestant. The organisers also secured established and attentive lifestyle brands that provided skin care, deportment, aesthetic, and nutritional products to support the contestants on their transformation.

The result of the contestants at the end of 3-months is a testimony to the Why Am I Fat SG program: there aren’t any gimmicks or crash diets to guarantee the transformation, as long as each person commits their personal dedication & focus to their personal weight loss goals.

While our 13 title holders emerged as the standout winners, all who started the WAIF2 journey in May 2018 and walked the stage on 25 August, 2018 are winners.

Congratulations to all our contestants, and to our title holders.

Best Male- Melvin Tseng
Best Female- Eunice Ng
Male Runner Up- Fadzli
Female runner up- Mimi Marlina



Best transformation male- Tommy Lee
Best transformation female- Siew Ting






Most dedicated female- Joanne
Most dedicated male- Jonathan
Most motivational female- Angela
Most motivational male- Rui Xiang
Most creative videos- John Wee
Contestant’s choice- Wayne
Most popular- Megan
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