Artiste: Rayen Lim


Height: 1.78m  • Weight: 60kg  • Language: English, Chinese  • Ig: @dadaception

Men’s Fitness SG 2018 Best Sport Model

Rayen, a mysterious and magical looking guy who started off with a skinny looking, you might wonder why does he need to be part of the competition when he is so skinny. In fact, he once complains that he his bone is more visible than his muscle. Hence, he make his way up in the fitness industry and become leaner as time goes by.

Rayen has an interesting story, to begin with, he started off as a hip-hop dancer a few years back, after which he then gets himself different type of dance and during his Men Fitness competition he danced with high heels which let everyone have a jaw drop that night.

Not only that, this talented young man make some fame for himself on social media as well which his amazing modeling skills as you can see from the pictures below.

Nevertheless, do check him out on his social media to find out more about him and slide into his DM if you need an amazing looking guy to be your model. he went through a lot of stress which lead him to stress eating. But again, nothing could stop him from wanting to slim down again and hence with his determination to transform he won himself 1st Runner up for Why Am I Fat season 2.

Do hit him up on his social media to check out all of his amazing videos and maybe get him to sing a duet with you as he is an amazing singer!

Available for:
– Media appearances: fitness events, lifestyle events, healthy food tastings
– Product endorsements, brand ambassadors
– Event hosting
– Print modelling