Project Butterfly 

It is no doubt that a woman’s wedding day remains the most beautiful day of her life. However, many women who were looking forward to The Day were forced to put their wedding make-over on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

During this period, disruptions of all kinds ensued — shops were unable to operate, women were unable to beautify themselves, and of course, 6 Productions was not able to hold their annual pageantry events. HOW NOW, BROWN COW?

Project Butterfly is the result of combining beauty pageantry and digital reality (both of which are the niche to 6 Productions).

In this programme, we will watch 6-8 girls transform from a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. Prizes will be given to winners who emerge from the programme. We hope to rope in brands from industries below to make this happen!

Let’s Get Munchies 

​Businesses and restaurants are slowly ceasing operations due to the pandemic. Restricting of movements during the Circuit Breaker Period has caused many brands to lose potential income and revenue. Many of the brands hardly survive as overheads were not able to be covered. Food bloggers no longer get to taste good food at nice restaurants due to the lock down. How can we live?????

The lifting of Phase 1 and gradual move to Phase 2 allowed many citizens to flock all around Singapore looking for things to do. We desire to see new things and experiences everyday. We want to taste good food in nice ambience, take insta-worthy photos too… WITH A TWIST.

Let’s Get Munchies is a 6-8 episodes reality show where we discover the many hidden F&B gems in Singapore. You will not expect food-bloggers or influencers to do the talking for you… because that’s too old-school. Instead, 8 girls will meet their blind-dates at 8 different cafes. This meal will be the first meal of two strangers getting to know each other. Maybe sparks will fly?

Cook for Mum  |  Season 2

This Mother’s Day, we want YOU, who has not shown enough appreciation to your mother, to join us on a 4-week cooking journey (Mid June). Spend your Saturday afternoons at our sponsored kitchen learning the A-Zs of cooking a meal to thank your mother in time for her well-deserved day!

This is for anyone of any age, as long as you wish to reciprocate your mother’s love, care and limitless devotion over the course of your life. Realise that you don’t have to splurge at a fancy restaurant this Mother’s Day; the simplest and most affectionate way to say “thank you” is to cook for her yourself.


If you are interested in joining us as cast for any of these programmes, drop us an email (, or simply drop us a message on our social media platforms:

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