Fitness Couple: Wedding Edition

Shaping a healthy lifestyle with your partner is an integral part of any relationship, and so this platform provided to you will not only physically enrich the both of you in time for your big day, but more importantly it’ll allow you to witness first-hand the importance of working together as a team, as family, and prepare you for a lifetime of cherished promises and commitment.

This is for couples who

a. are getting married soon,

b. are for now engaged,

c. have the intention of marrying each other,

d. or even couples who are already married but want to renew their vows or simply rekindle their honeymoon days.

The benefits of joining Fitness Couple: Wedding Edition (March-June) are

a. Free gym membership for 3 months

b. Free access to personal trainers for 3 months

c. Sponsored health supplements and products

d. A chance to put on a wedding gown and suit for a sponsored photoshoot

e. Many other bonding activities with your significant other!

At the end of the three month fitness journey, you and your partners’ efforts will culminate in the form of a masquerade ball, where you present your new found physique and confidence to your family and friends. You shall compete in a friendly manner with the other couples, and see who deserves the title of “Best Wedding Couple”.

Cook for Mum

This Mother’s Day, we want YOU, who has not shown enough appreciation to your mother, to join us on a 6-week cooking journey (March-early May) – spend your Saturday afternoons at our sponsored kitchen learning the A-Zs of cooking a meal to thank your mother in time for her well-deserved day!

This is for anyone of any age, as long as you wish to reciprocate your mother’s love, care and limitless devotion over the course of your life. Realise that you don’t have to splurge at a fancy restaurant this Mother’s Day; the simplest and most affectionate way to say “thank you” is to cook for her yourself.

If you are interested in joining us as cast for any of these programmes, drop us an email (, or simply drop us a message on our social media platforms:

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