Fitness Couple 2nd Edition


Filming Now: Fitness 360 Fitness Couple

Will being in a mix couples pair help with reaching fitness goals effectively? Or will it be a distraction?

For this new concept show, one guy is paired with one girl to form a team. Together with other couple teams, they go through a series of fitness activities, as well as weekly trainings by a certified trainer over three months. They have taken part in Why Am I Fast race around Sentosa, scuba diving, BOUNCE obstacle course challenge, bouldering & climbing, kayaking, and more!

On January 27, the couples will be at Zouk Singapore to compete for the titles of Best Couple, Best Male, and Best Female, as well as other subsidiary titles. Remember to vote for your favourite Fitness Couple babe & hunk in our online Facebook poll! This will determine who wins Most Popular.

You can view all their activities and get to know them through our 6 Productions Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube accounts.

Fitness Couple is also the first and only fitness contest that has MIXED COUPLES posing together.

Get your tickets to the Finals Night now!

When: Saturday, January 27, 2018, 7pm
Where: Zouk Singapore
Tickets: $38
Contact ops@6productions to purchase