Casting: Fitness Couple


CASTING NOW: Fitness 360 Fitness Couples

Will being in a mix couples pair help with reaching fitness goals effectively? Or will it be a distraction? If you think you can use each other’s strengths to your benefit, join our Fitness Couples competition!

The concept of this competition is simply this: Will being in a mixed couple pair help with reaching fitness goals more effectively? For this new concept show, one guy will be paired with one girl to form a team. Together with other couple teams, you'll be put through a series of fitness training by a certified trainer over three months. Besides fitness challenges, you'll also get to take part in fun activities.

On the finals night, you will compete for the Best Couple, Best Male, and Best Female titles, as well as other subsidiary titles by presenting your overall transformation in your physique, chemistry, and overall lifestyle improvements.

This is also the first and only fitness contest that has MIXED COUPLES posing together.

Be part of this innovative concept show today, sign up for our casting now!