Blog: Fadzli


Hey guys, my name is Fadzli and I will be sharing my experience at Mega Adventure during my journey with Why Am I Fat.
All the contestants were given the opportunity to take the high elements obstacle course which were spread out over 3 levels.Everyone took up the challenge and walk the level 1(the lower course) to familiarize themselves with the height, ropes and all the harness works we had to do.
I always thought it was not scary at all cause lowest level of the course. NO WAY! Whenever I saw a gap, i felt like I was falling! And to overcome my fear, what i did was to pass the obstacle quickly while screaming your heart out! Hahahha!
After level 1, we got a choice to try level 2 or level 3. I mean, I’m already had fear for the level 1 right…? But, I challenge myself, build some courage from don’

t know where and did the level 3 course! It was scary af.
Overall, the whole experience was fun and everyone were encouraging and screaming at each other(in a nice way to support).
The highlight was the “flying fox”! Loving the scenery and the view from up was amazing while gliding down. If i got a chance, i will do it again!