Artiste: Siew Ting


Height: 1.59m  • Weight: 55kg  • Language: English, Chinese  • Ig: @siewtingggg

Best Transformation’ for Why Am I Fat Season 2 


Siew Ting, a dancer and a outdoor goer who love to explore different part of the world. She started dancing when she is only 13. As compared to being a dancer, Siew Ting is more of a adventurous person instead who love to do outdoor activities like cycling once a week and hiking in different part of the world.

Did I not mention that she is a martial art person as well? Siew Ting take up not only Muay Thai but also Taekwondo during her teenage days. She might not be like our artist who is more expressive in their pictures but she is a amazing girl who take pride in whatever she do especially in her work.

Hence, remember do drop by her social media profile and slide into her private message if you are keen to work with her. A gentle remainder to be cautious when you are out with her because you might not know when she perform her martial art techniques on you!

Available for:
– Media appearances: fitness events, lifestyle events, healthy food tastings
– Product endorsements, brand ambassadors
– Event hosting
– Print modelling