Artiste: Siew Ting


Height: 1.59m  • Weight: 55kg  • Languages spoken: English, Chinese  • Instagram: @siewtingggg

Why Am I Fat Season 2’s “Best Transformation”

Siew Ting is a dancer and an outdoor-lover whose goal is to explore the world. In her teenage years, Siew Ting not only took up Muay Thai, but also Taekwondo, making her a tough girl you would not want to mess with. Although Siew Ting isn’t as expressive or provocative in her pictures as what one would expect of a fitness fanatic, her demeanour guarantees that her perseverance and determination in all that she does.

Available for:
– Media appearances: fitness events, lifestyle events, healthy food tastings
– Product endorsements, brand ambassadors
– Event hosting
– Print modelling