Artiste: Melvin Tseng



Height: 1.78m  • Weight: 68kg  • Language: English, Hakka, French, Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Telugu  • Ig: @Melvin_Tseng

Best Male For Why Am I Fat Season 2

Hobbies: Dancer, Choreographer, Performer, Filmmaker, Photographer, Artiste,Drawing, Youtube

Melvin, a filmmaker and a dancer and artiste whose distinct style and understanding of the arts bagged him multiple awards in these various industries. Before he became out fitness influencer he is a dancer since 2013, his stunning and amazing dance moves give him the multiple awards like 2 silver medals in Dance World Cup 2014 as well as 1st place in National Level Hip Hop Championship. If you are amazed by that, there are more coming up.

Not only his dance moves will make your jaw drop, but his editing skills are also on point too. Melvin won First Prize in S.T.E.M Inter school filmmaking competition and got shortlisted for Australian Singapore Festival for the short filmed titled “What’s your worth”. Check out the photos and video that is provided at the bottom of the pages to continue having your jaw dropped.

Melvin might be our youngest artist, but he is equipped with many hidden talents likable to speak more than 2 languages and not many people can do that. If you think that’s all he has then you are wrong because our talented Melvin also owns a Youtube Channel. Do check it out at the link below to watch his video.

So what are you waiting for, hit him up on his social media if you wish to do a collaboration with him? Just a gentle reminder, his charm might be too overwhelmed for you to handle so be ready to counter his attractiveness while working with him!

Available for:
– Media appearances: fitness events, lifestyle events, healthy food tastings
– Product endorsements, brand ambassadors
– Event hosting
– Print modelling





Check out his Youtube Channel here !!