Eddie Ho, the founder of 6 Productions and Lab 2 Design, specializes in artistic directing for local runway shows and pageants as well as managing talents. Eddie has choreographed numerous pageants and competitions such as ‘Miss Earth’, ‘Best Model of the World’ in 2011 & 2012, ‘Manhunt Singapore’ in 2011, ‘NutriMan’ in 2013, and recently ‘NutriGirl’.

Eddie was specially invited by NutriFirst Pte Ltd, Singapore’s largest online supplement store, to choreograph NutriMan, an annual this fitness model search, and he was the one who created the title ‘NutriMan by NutriFirst’. Due to the success of NutriMan, NutriFirst and Eddie have decided to launch ‘NutriGirl 2014’ in February. Eddie’s upcoming projects involve in both local and overseas; such as Hong Kong, China and Thailand.

What sets Eddie apart from other event directors is his versatile skill set which allows him to be involved in many significant roles when choreographing an event. During filming and photo shoot, Eddie takes up the role as a creative director to develop and oversee the vision and that also involves casting the models; choose locations, stylists, wardrobe and photographers and videographers for shoots. Eddie also trains aspiring models personally on how to do the catwalk and posing for camera.

Before the events finale, Eddie plans fun and interactive mingle sessions for sponsors and contestants. Being a former DJ, Eddie chooses, mixes and organizes music when choreographing a show as well as providing quality entertainment (such as dance performance, play relevant videos and etc) for the big night. Eddie believes runway shows and pageant competitions are more than just a mere fashion show but it should also generate a hedonic experience for the spectators.

As a former co-owner of an artiste management company, Eddie discovers and grooms talents through the events for modelling, TV host, acting and singing.

Eddie Ho is also the founder of Singapore fashion label Baby; it is an exciting Singapore designer label that delivers contemporary and edgy street wear fashion for women at affordable prices. Baby’s statement-making designs are not for the fashionably shy.

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