Eddie Ho, the founder of 6 Productions and Lab 2 Design, specializes in artistic directing for local runway shows and pageants as well as managing talents. Eddie has choreographed numerous pageants and competitions such as ‘Miss Earth’, ‘Best Model of the World’ in 2011 & 2012, ‘Manhunt Singapore’ in 2011, ‘NutriMan’ in 2013, and most recently ‘NutriGirl’.

Eddie was specially invited by NutriFirst Pte Ltd, Singapore’s largest online supplement store, to choreograph NutriMan, an annual fitness model search, and he was the one who created the very catchphrase ‘NutriMan by NutriFirst’. Since the success of NutriMan, NutriFirst and Eddie have decided to launch ‘NutriGirl 2014’ in February. Eddie’s upcoming projects will, apart from fitness programmes, explore lifestyle topics like cooking and travelling.

What sets Eddie apart from other event directors is a versatile skill set – not only does he take up the role of Creative Director that requires him to develop and oversee the programme’s vision, Eddie also seeks and casts talents himself (being once a co-owner of an artiste management company), even personally training aspiring models on how to do the catwalk and pose for cameras. As a former DJ, Eddie chooses and mixes music when choreographing a show, and provides purposeful entertainment for sponsors and contestants on the big night. Eddie’s mantra is to be as hands-on as he can in any production process, and this renders him the capacity to put forth only the best to audiences.

Eddie firmly believes that pageant competitions and fitness shows are more than just for mere entertainment; so he strives to bring sincere content with a human element that hopefully inspires and touches many more hearts.

Eddie Ho is also the founder of Singapore fashion label Baby; it is an exciting Singapore designer label that delivers contemporary and edgy streetwear fashion for women at affordable prices. Baby’s statement-making designs are not for the fashionably shy.

Moving forward, 6 Productions will continue to work hard to bring you the best of fitness shows and lifestyle programmes, so stay tuned!