Established in 2012, we are a production house started by Director and Producer Eddie Ho, who directed various variety programmes in local national TV and choreographed many large scale contests and pageants. 

6 Productions produced beauty and fitness pageants every year, till 2020 when COVID hit.


Where We Are Today

When COVID-19 hit, we were not able to proceed with our large-scale pageants and platform shows. Hence, we moved into online reality content and clientele video production. We also have an talent agreement with Mediacorp to put talents into local dramas.



Producer and Director

Director Eddie Ho was a fashion-designer turned producer. He owned 8 retail shops by his fashion label named Baby By Eddie, which tided over the Asian Financial Crisis and SARS pandemic. 

After his fashion designing days, he moved on to manage artistes, produce and choreograph pageants. Some renowned projects include Miss Earth Singapore,  Best Model Of The world Singapore 2011 & 2012, Manhunt 2011, NutriMan and NutriGirl, and finally Why Am I Fat. As a former DJ, he mixes his own music to provide a hedonistic experiences to all audience during live performances.

Verna Ng

Producer / Artiste

At the age of 23, Verna is a producer well-equipped with organisational management skills. Trained in the performing arts since the age of 7, she first joined 6 Productions as a contracted artiste. 

Her flair in producing was later on discovered by Eddie. She is now assisting and managing the operations of the company while pursuing her local degree in Communications.


You can book our contracted artistes for appearances

Bryan Ang

Before going into acting, Bryan was a shy photographer specialising in portraiture and product. The mixed-Thai then took the courage to pursue his passion, and answered to 6 Production’s casting call. 

He has moved on to appear in many productions, be it in-house or external.

Skills: Acting, Dancing, Variety Appearance, TV Commercial

Language: English, Mandarin, Thai

Phua Yida

Before Yida was scouted, he was most known as a child actor with “chubby boy” roles on local TV. Some may have seen him in movies and Channel 8 dramas such as “边缘父子”, “天空渐渐亮”, “我们都不完美” and “Classmates” on Channel 5. Behind the scenes, he is also an aspiring producer and actor.

Skills: Hosting, Acting, Variety Appearance

Languages: English, Mandarin

Verna Ng

Although trained in the performing arts since 7, Verna wanted to give up on her passion for the practical. She was then scouted on social media, and decided that she wanted to give the showbiz a shot. This decision led her to where she is today.

Skills: Hosting, Acting, Variety Appearance, Singing, Dancing

Languages: English, Mandarin, Thai


Naoyuki was scouted for her extraordinary outlook and interesting character.Beyond her outlook, she is both a full-time mechanical engineer and a horror make-up artist. She is known for her horror cosplays and “Nao Story Time”.  The mixed-Burmese is also known for her demure disposition and soft-spoken personality, which can be charming to many.

Skills: Cosplay, Photo Model, Variety Appearance

Languages: English, Mandarin and Burmese

Cymone Woo

Despite her demure outlook, Cymone identifies herself as an aspiring actress who was trained in Dance in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. Her passion led her to pursue acting in China, with Huace Film Academy. She was scouted during the COVID-19 period, when she had to take a break from her studies in China.

Skills: Acting, Dancing, Variety Appearance

Languages: English, Mandarin

Evelyn Chong

Before moving into full-time acting, Evelyn was trained with a degree in finance and accounting. She eventually decided to follow her passion in acting, which led her to attend casting auditions and finally landing roles in many MediaCorp productions and school films She is most known for her candid expressions and timely comments on 6 Productions talkshows like The Red Couch.

Skills: Hosting (Candid), Acting, Singing

Languages: English, Mandarin

Clarice Ng

Clarice was trained in Theatre and started her acting career in Channel 8 earlier than her peers. Due to her slightly different image from the usual industry standard, it was difficult for her to be casted and groomed. Upon looking at her, Eddie decided to take her in and groom her into a host. What will be next for her?

Skills: Acting, Impersonation, Variety Appearance

Language: English, Mandarin

Daphne Neo

Besides being a mother of 2, Daphne is a passionate actress and a pageant queen. She acted in several MediaCorp shows and is always ready to try out different roles to further develop her acting skills. Being the pageant queen of Mrs Asia Pacific All Nations (2020), Daphne is also actively involved in the pageant industry.

Skills: Hosting, Acting, Pageant Queen, Photo Model, Variety Appearance

Languages: English, Mandarin

Diana Lim

Having the perfect height to be a model, Diana started out her career by filming TV commercials and modelling. Upon being scouted, Eddie discovered her potential in hosting and acting. Today, Diana is hosting a few of 6 Productions’ shows, and have had several opportunities to appear in MediaCorp dramas.

Skills: Hosting, Acting, TV Commercial, Photo Model, Variety Appearance

Languages: English, Mandarin


Meredith is an SIA flight attendant who dreams to be in the media industry. Having decided to pursue her passion for the showbiz, she joined 6 Productions as one of our artistes.

Skills: Hosting, Acting, Photo Model, Variety Appearance

Languages: English, Mandarin