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Brand Partners

We Create Shows!

It is our passion to create new content to revitalise the Singaporean media scene.

Through our shows, corporate brands utilise the art of sponsorship marketing to make branding fun, exciting and meaningful.

Girls Can't Cook

Project Cinderella


Cook For Mom S2

Reno Pomelo

We Produce Events

Since the start of time, we have been organising events, especially beauty and fitness pageants like Miss Earth Singapore, Manhunt, NutriMan & NutriGirl series.

Miss Earth 2022

Why Am I Fat

We Produce Videos!

We provide video production services for corporate clients who wish to include videos in their digital marketing. 

Video formats can be in portrait or landscape, suitable for any platform.

We Manage Artistes

We manage talents with notable skills like hosting and acting to appear on screen and endorse brands to make production more flavourful.

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