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Join us in our upcoming shows here!

Mens’: For guys who wish to sculpt their physique further.

Ladies’: For ladies who wish to sculpt their physique further.

Fit Mums: For mums who have slimmed down after childbirth but need that extra sculpting and toning.

Fitness Couple Wedding Edition: For married couples who are doing their wedding photoshoot in March/April 2019.


It’s less than 2 weeks since the finals of Why Am I Fat SG Season 2, and we are already planning for our upcoming show, namely:
Fitness 360: Fitness Couple Wedding Edition
Fitness 360: Ladies’
Fitness 360: Fit Mums
Fitness 360: Mens’

And… we are excited to announce that the following sponsors have been confirmed for our upcoming shows:

Titan Fitness Thailand
Sports Hub Singapore
Mega Adventure

Stay tuned, as we announce more sponsors in the coming days!