6 Productions




As always 6Productions competition comes with a series of event and sponsors that will support you thru your 3 month journey with us! There will be lots of exciting event and exposure for the both of you if you are successfully selected after our casting!

You will be going thru a 3 months transformation journey together, with special training and guidance from our master trainer (if you need it) and learning what eating clean and dieting is all about, you will be getting cooking session together to learn how to prepare clean meals together. We believe in 3 months you will be able to get the best shape ever in your life with proper training, nutrition and of course us! We are here to help you!

We will end the event with a blast where couple will get to share the stage and showcase their hard work together at our selected amazing location. (to be confirm)

Wait no further the Fitness360 first ever Fitness Couple Competition! Registration ends 23 May 2016

Simply fill up the registration form below and tell us why you wanna join this competition!

*You need not be a couple to join as long as its a guy and girl team!
*Submit a photo of the 2 of you in one photo below!
*We know some of you people out there can’t find a partner! Send in a photo of yourself and we will find a partner for you! Its all about making new friends in this journey as well!